Solution for inventory and distribution center management.

Improve your sales and lower your costs with a
logistics solution based on world-class technology.

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Our solution and value to your business

invasWMS provides extensive and complete unctionality based on best logistics practices to respond to the countless operational demands of our customers.

invasWMS adapts to the requirements of different sizes and complexities.
We highlight:

Receipts are an essential part of
inventory control and management.

invasWMS provides a wide variety of reception models according to
industry and operational

For outbound logistics it is vital to
provide maximum visibility of
orders, fulfillment, and status.

invasWMS allows you to optimize
picking processes with advanced
inventory allocations and real-time labor visibility.

Inventories represent the most
important element in distribution

With invasWMS you will find
maximum traceability, proactive
practices such as alarms for low
stock, low turnover, counting,
proactive replenishment, among

invasWMS allows the maintenance of vehicles and drivers, travel expenses, vehicle access and departure control, document rendering, pick-up management and driver messaging.

Logistics operators require an agile technological platform capable of providing the maximum detail of transactions for their customers.

invasWMS enables our customers to manage and provide on-line and historical transaction management to obtain detailed data for subsequent invoicing.

Connectivity with external systems is a strategic element in our customers’ operations.

invasWMS provides a complete portfolio of APIs and extensive experience integrating systems.

invasMONITOR is an invasWMS add-on to obtain real time information in a graphical way and customized for each user.

Operations and management personnel can access invasMONITOR to find out the order status, order history, inventory status by warehouse,
operational statistics, logistics KPIs among many other reports.


invasWMS is selected by our customers due to the flexibility and adaptability of our solution, low investment levels, high degree of impact on savings and contribution to sales and service improvement.
In short, invasWMS represents a high return on investment for our customers. The selection of invasWMS, according to our clients, is also due to: our professionalism, methodology, national and international experience, references and academic background.




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Regional Solution

InvasWMS is currently located in the main cities of
Latin America supporting complex operations of
local, regional and global companies.